24 July 2010


We often take things for granted, being ignorant and ungrateful for what we have. Until it's too late. Sometimes we dwell on simple matter, of unimportance. And we forget that there are someone else out there who are facing greater challenges than us.

Last monday on 19 July, a colleague and good friend of mine had just lost her husband. A sudden loss that she didn't prepare for. I was there, when her husband's life support machine went dead with a beeping sound. I was there, when her kids were mourning over their daddy's lifeless body. I was there, witnessing everything.

I tried so hard to hold my own composure when she came towards me and cried over my shoulder, asking me why. But I broke down too, my heart sank seeing her at that moment. We hugged and I tried to console her but my words went blurry with the sounds of our own tears and cries. Who am I to even try to understand her pain, her suffering? We can only imagine, but nowhere near what she felt. The frustration and the pain.

It's been a week now and she's still on leave. The office is rather quiet without her around. I'm not sure if I can fake a calm face once she's back. In fact just thinking of her makes us all sad and teary-eyed. But I know I've to be strong for her, and she needs to be strong for her kids. They need her more than ever now.

On the same date too, a well known blogger had been invited by her Creator. And she is Raden Galoh a.k.a Dalilah Tamrin, an activist, a cancer patient and also the writer behind One Breast Bouncing blog. She also initiated a charity project to support other cancer patients and even penned down a beautiful song for this project. Her words are inspirational and her loss will be greatly missed by thousands of people benefited from her charity.

My eyes are welling up again, as I'm writing this. A lot has happen this week and a great lesson learned for me. That Love is definitely stronger than Death. Although Love cannot stop Death from happening, but no matter how hard Death tries, it can't separate people from love. It can't take away the memories either.

To my dear friend HB and her three children Izyan, Haiqal and Fitri, there is no word that I can ever say to ease your pain or even to describe your loss. But have faith that Allah’s promise is true. I pray for Allah’s mercy for arwah and for Allah to grant him Jannah.


This song below is a charity project initiated by Dalilah Tamrin, whose final moments in the world were spent battling complications of metastatic breast cancer. This production is funded by her generous friends, family and bloggers around the world. The words were originally penned by Dalilah herself, later edited and composed into a song. This song is about Dalilah's sacred hopes and solemn thoughts during her quiet moment with Allah. It is also a message to those who are being riddled by life's difficult challenges, trials and tribulations. Dalilah passed away on 19 July 2010 at 43 years of age. May the memory of her positive living lives on in the hearts of people she's touched. Amin...

Kembaliku Kepada Ilahi

Ku jitukan yakin
Pada setiap sujudku
Jariku susun rapi
Mengirim doa tulus nurani

Waktu yang mendatang
Bak mega mendung hitam
Kelam malam aku sendiri

Hujung perjalanan pasti aku pergi
Tiada mungkin dapat aku menghindari
Sebelum nafasku berhenti berdetik
Amankanlah kepedihan ini
Biar pun getir dalam ku menanti
Tak berdaya namun terus ku hadapi
Menggapai harapan diriku terpilih
Kembaliku padaMu Ilahi
Kembaliku padaMu Ilahi

Hilangkan getar duka
Gusar jauh terusir
Terang bersinar cahaya damai

Lagu: Azalea April 2010
Lirik: Raden Galoh/Azalea April 2010

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Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

Innalillah... juz got to know abt the blog. how sad. al-fatihah utk arwah.