27 February 2011

Ema's Birthday Bash @ The Atelier, Kuching.

I was thisclose to turning down this project due to time constraint. But after meeting up with sweet Ema at her cafe, I immediately drawn to her ideas and suddenly felt like it was my calling to participate in her event. It would be a waste of opportunity if not to  *eyes rolled*...

It was a privilege indeed to cater for Ema's birthday cake and cupcakes. She requested a Toblerone Choc Cake with fondant decorations and 50pc of mixed flavoured cuppies for the night. Every details from the starry toppers to stripes and balls were made from red, black and white fondant to suit the theme.

Initially she asked for numeral '25' fondant topper on cuppies but I suggested a round cupcake topper instead. I designed and printed the number '25' on each cupcake topper and stick the label on a toothpick with simple ribbon bow. And voila!

Yes, I only slept for good old 20 minutes finishing up this project. But judging from her expressions and looking at the entire album via her facebook, I can't help feeling tremendously relieved, exhilarated and proud for completing this task for her.

To Ema, the best is yet to come in your future. Many happy returns and thank you so much for the business, trust and friendship :)

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