29 October 2012

Anger Barometer

Yes, we all have different range of anger. Some people are always calm while others would get upset over a lousy joke. Some may be able to laugh at themselves over a silly situation but some may get mad and seriously offended. Me? It depends.

I used to be a temperamental person in recent years but now, I think I’ve toned down a bit. After 3 kids, I complain less, have somewhat attained that couldn’t-care-less attitude and am more forgiving now. Thanks to my recent ‘hijrah’ which I’ll blog about later. 

However, we are after all just human. Imperfect. And full of flaws.

Last week, something happened at the office which has left me baffled, disappointed and furious. I was stabbed and treated unfairly. And it hurts SO bad when I have to be nice and courtesy but instead I felt like throwing bricks at the person who did that to me. 

SO angry was I that it took almost 3 days to calm myself down and come to my senses. Astaghfirullah..

Next week, we’re going to have our section meeting where all officers would talk on their unit’s accomplishments and problems, in terms of projects and budgets. As much I wanted to lash that person during the meeting, I think I better not stoop low to her level by doing that. 

I’m now rehearsing my speech so I could voice out my dissatisfaction regarding the issue. Without sounding bitter and hatred. Without losing my cool and professionalism. Please pray that it will go well for me :(

The bread and butter.

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