22 October 2012

We Are Four!

Empat. Cuatro. Shi. Four.

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Can you believe it? We turned 4 this month! It’s our 4th blogiversary you guys, and I’m so excited for this milestone! 

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If we were a kid, being 4 would mean the age of ‘grown up’ and attending a kindy already! Haha.. Big kid alright. But fact is, I haven’t considered myself a big kid in this industry. Yet. 

When you have a passion like mine, you came to learn that every creation is a learning process. Every opportunity is an experience to be shared. I was unequipped back in 2008. But gradually, I gained a lot through hard work, determination and strong will.

And of course, through YOU!  I wouldn’t have done it without you. I’m forever thankful to have such loyal readers and customers who’ve been so supportive and extremely kind to me. I heart you all!

So to mark our birthday, I have some goodies to give away. Just drop a comment under this entry (or just a simple ‘Hi!’) and stand a chance to win a gift from me. Easy peasy. 

Will upload more pictures of the gifts later. But here's one of them. Eda Cupcakes coffee mug :)

Till then. Keep the comments coming in!

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Sue said...

Happy 4th anniversary! :)