14 October 2012

The First One

The first birthday of your child is always the grandest, the biggest and the most burning a hole in your pocket  awesome one.   

Mommies especially, will go to great lengths to ensure everything is in place for the party. That includes the birthday cake. 

Yup. An amazing, over-the-top birthday cake a child could ever wish for.

So when my friend Erin placed her order for this cake, it immediately brings back my own memories of hosting Ayra’s first birthday party way back in 2005. 

Like Erin, I too have decided to have a number 1 shaped cake for my daughter. At that time, online bakeries or cake blogshops were literally unheard of. Everyone orders from local bakery called T. So to the T bakery we went. 

But on the day I came to pick up the cake, my heart sank. 

Instead of making a number-1-shaped cake, they just simply drew a big  ‘1’ on that chocolate cake! 

 Disappointed :(
Ayra's 1st Birthday in 2005

When I confronted them, they said the baker just couldn’t make the cake I wanted. I knew they were either lazy or simply didn’t have the skill to do so. I went home with huge disappointment. I thought I would never set foot on that shop ever again.

And because of that, I vowed to myself that I will not settle for second best when it comes to my kids’ birthday cake. If my kid wants a Superman cake, I shall search high and low for THAT cake. If I can’t find it in local bakeries, then I will make it on my own! 

Yup, you guessed it right too. That’s what prompted me to start Eda Cupcakes. The none-existence of customized, novelty cakes in the market has triggered the idea of starting my own cake business.

You can never beat a feeling of contentment and satisfaction out of baking and decorating a dream cake for your kids. Who cares if the work is sloppy, as long as it comes from the heart (and made by your own 2 hands), it would mean a whole world to them. That’s for sure.

I used my own template and carved the cake. No special cake pan involved.

Pink Minnie Mouse theme. With ribbon bow and simple wording.

Thanks so much Erin. And Happy 1st Birthday to Hasya Ailenna!

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